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About Us

Iris Domiciliary Services

Iris Domiciliary Services was established by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the fields of home visit optometry and elderly care. Iris was specifically established in order to 'put back the personal' into the business, where things had become impersonal, and so less caring and concerned.

Our Aims

Our aims are to provide a personal, individual, and bespoke service, while at the same time maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

All the staff at Iris undergo extensive training, and attend various courses to keep them at the forefront of knowledge in the fields of elderly care, dementia, the care of the vulnerable and special-needs communities.

We are aware of the latest advancements within our field so are able to invest in the most up to date equipment to be able to provide the best care. We also aim to be at the forefront of care and our team is always proactive in trying to come up with new ideas and initiatives to increase the level of care and understanding we can provide. A great example of this is our Lifestyle identity cards. These are so we can understand the individual patients’ lifestyle needs and to tailor the prescription taking all things into consideration.

Iris is able to perform a full eye health check-up on all diabetic patients. Our optometrist will use eye drops to dilate the pupils to enable us to have a thorough look for any diabetic changes in the eyes and send a full report of our findings to the GP. The optometrists at Iris have all worked in the domiciliary field for many years and are encouraged to attend seminars on the latest advancements in eye disorders including diabetes, cataract, glaucoma and macula degeneration in order to provide the very best clinical care possible. This means we are able to give you as much feedback as possible in plain terms about your eye health so you are best able to understand what is required and how to proceed and we can work together to maximise your vision and to get the best possible outcome.

We are also affiliated with a mobile audiologist. They are able to perform initial screening as a first visit and provide a report of the findings.

Iris As Your Partner

At Iris we believe in working as a team alongside our patients and those closest to them to provide the best service for each individual person. We encourage the presence of a family member or carer at the time of testing wherever possible. This helps us achieve a greater understanding of our patients’ needs and requirements. We aim to provide the best service for each patient and the best way to provide this is to work in partnership with them and those that know them best.

We tailor our service to your needs and requirements, and by listening to your feedback we can constantly be improving and changing our work to suit you. Being a smaller business means there are open lines of communication, which is of of up most importance and we are always at the other end of a phone. You will know who you are speaking to and feel the benefit of having small local teams when you build up a long term relationship with us. No more anonymous voices as you will have full contact and can speak directly to the person who will be able to help you best.

Customer Care

At Iris we know the job does not finish once the sight test is over and spectacles have been fitted. We pride ourselves on our excellent aftercare service.

Iris prioritises repairs and adjustments and we have a team dedicated to attending to those needs. We understand the frustration of having spectacles not fitting correctly due to damage or a lens missing because they cannot attend the high street optician, and will help you and advise you at all times.

Our Promise

1. To Listen in order to ensure that we are doing everything that is needed and to make sure that no problem goes unnoticed.

2. To Care so that you get the very best personal attention from beginning to end and so that we can get to understand your needs.

3. To Look After You by ensuring that all our staff have the highest professional and specialist training to give you the very best service.