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Eye Testing & Dispensing

Your eye examination and dispensing can be split into 4 basic parts.

After calling Iris Optical and making an appointment we will come to you with all the equipment needed to examine your eyes and fit you with spectacles without you leaving your home.

1. Healthy Eyes

The optometrist will examine the health of your eyes. They will check both inside and outside to make sure there are no issues which need further investigation or treatment. They will measure the pressures of your eyes and examine your visual field if they feel it is required. Sometimes they may put drops in your eyes to get a better look.


2. Good Vision

The Optometrist will also check to see how well you are seeing, and will try to improve your vision so that you will be able to see at all distances better.

They will give you a clear understanding of their findings and advise you on the spectacles you may require.

3. Good Looking, Good Fitting Spectacles

The dispensing assistant will help you select a new frame from our collection. You can choose from a range of frames which may be free if you are eligible for free spectacles off the NHS (Click for info), or high fashion and designer frames. The team will also help you to choose the best type of lenses for you. You may need thinner and lighter lenses, or bifocals. You may feel that lenses that change colour with the sun would benefit you.

We keep up to date with the latest advancements in lens technology and we have lenses that will cover any requirement so rest assured we can tailor make them to suit your individual needs.

4. Delivery

When your new glasses are ready, we will phone and set a convenient time for us to deliver them to you. When we call we will fit your new spectacles, adjust them as needed, and will make sure that you are happy and comfortable. We also provide a free of charge aftercare service.

If at any time your spectacles require adjusting, or you have any problems with your spectacles, we will send a dispensing assistant out to sort out any problems.

It is important to have your eyes examined at regular intervals, and we will advise you and remind you as to when you are due a new test.