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Optical Portal

Click here to access the Optical Portal

Iris knows how important it is for care givers to be able to access information about their residents. At Iris we understand how busy life is as a care giver. To have easy access to all the eye health records of your residents is at the centre of our IRIS OPTICAL PORTAL. The online portal puts you in complete control over your eye care services for your residents.

At Iris we can get you fully registered with your own login and I.D. You can then use this to see records of when your residents were last tested. You can access their personalised eye care reports. This is a CQC approved simple to read yet clinically detailed report with all the key points regarding the individual residents’ eye health. This includes any eye conditions they may have, any further management plan for that individual, their level of sight “How they see” and a photo of the spectacle frames they will be wearing.

From the second you become an Iris partner you are given full access to the IRIS OPTICAL PORTAL. You can also use the portal to book a sight test at the touch of a button making administration far easier.

In order to make it easier for all staff to identify the residents’ spectacles and help to get the best of their sight you can print out an individual room poster to put in each individuals room with a large photo of the individual spectacles and use.

For all those that prefer more traditional paper records that is not a problem as at Iris we accommodate all preferences. We print off full colour reports for each individual on the day of the test so you can have all the information you can find online on paper to put into each individuals care plan. You can still log in online 24/7 if you wish to.

At Iris we hope you can join us on this exciting journey to help your residents get the best eye care and we aim to offer you as care givers the best service we can.