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Low Vision

There are a significant number of people with impaired vision that cannot be corrected by spectacles alone. At Iris we specialise in assessing each individual unique circumstance as part of a low vison assessment. As part of this low vision assessment we take into consideration the following factors:

  • Level of visual impairment.
  • What visual activities are most important to the patient for example reading or television etc.
  • Your environment will need to taken into consideration depending on activities undertaking i.e Lighting and working distances.
  • Any limitations for example weak joints due to arthritis.
  • Taking the time with the patient on how to get the most out of their visual aids, this is most important as we find a lot of people have aids but don’t know how to use them best.

Following this assessment, we would be able to recommend the best suited visual aid to enhance the vision and help to regain some independence and improve the quality of life.

We aim to help each individual to get the best out of their sight and take a proactive role in this as we see the joys it can bring an individual to be able to do the tasks they enjoy.